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Welcome to Esprit de Coeur, the Heart of Lafayette's hospitality since 2009. Nestled within a beautifully preserved historical building, Esprit de Coeur transforms your dreams into unforgettable memories. Whether you're planning a Wedding, Corporate Event, or Private Party, we guarantee a royal treatment for every guest, ensuring your special day surpasses your wildest dreams.

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Wedding Services

At Esprit de Coeur, we believe that your wedding day should be everything you’ve dreamed of… and more. Dependable service forms the cornerstone of every enchanting wedding we host. Our dedicated and detail-oriented staff ensure the success of your special occasion by delivering personalized wedding services that exceed expectations, from event coordination to providing a captivating dance floor and romantic lighting.

Private Events

The Historic, Esprit de Coeur Venue makes for the perfect setting for private events! Our staff will work with Step into a unique blend of history and elegance with Esprit de Coeur, the ideal setting for your private event. Our professional staff is committed to realizing your vision, meticulously addressing each element of your event according to your specifications. When the day arrives, all you'll need to focus on is creating wonderful memories and enjoying your time with your guests.

Sunday Showers

Celebrate life’s most joyous occasions at Esprit de Coeur. Whether you're expecting a new family member or celebrating a future marriage, we provide the perfect ambiance for your event. Take advantage of our Sunday Shower Promotion, a special offer dedicated to making these precious moments even more memorable.

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